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Monday, 29 March 2021


“Empower yourself this summer with yoga”

Summer has already knocked on our door a little too early this year! And temperatures are just not wanting to dip. Soaring temperatures bring in constant lethargy, tiredness,weakness,dehydration and irritability, it is but surprising to see how our body reacts when outside temperatures start soaring.

During summer, air lacks moisture on one hand and on the other there are places where air is humid. We are so dependent on air conditioners , which not only strips us of our body moisture but more often than not stiffens up our joints, majorly dehydrates our body, and for many, affects mobility and flexibility. Our body gets very stiff with continuous exposure to air conditioners and our skin feels like parchment paper!

Our sweat glands become more active during summer due to rise in our core body temperature, it is therefore necessary that our body does not over heat and hence we sweat. Sweat releases water, minerals,toxins and salts thereby cooling our body. This process also dehydrates our body. Now the question arises as to what’s the best possible way to cool our body and take maximum benefit of the summers?

Any exercise or physical activity increases our core body temperature. So generally people avoid exercising in summers. They try methods of temporary cooling. For a prolonged cooling of the body one needs to exercise, which people do not realise. There is no better exercise than ‘YOGA’ or ‘RUNNING’ to cool your body.

The benefits you experience by doing yoga are unimaginable! Yoga and meditation are best suited to cool the body if done in the right way. Asanas done slowly in a rhythm along with right breathing helps reduce body temperatures. Listed are some of the benefits:

yoga helps in releasing the stiffness and improves flexibility of limbs and joints. Helps in calming your nerves and relaxes your body , mind and soul at the same time reenergise and refreshes. It helps you with your sluggishness and tiredness during summer. Lowers Blood pressure, migraines and headaches.

Some preferred asanas and their benefits during summer:

Suryanamaskar- Sun salutations are the best cooling exercise for the whole body. If done in a prolonged and relaxed manner with high importance given to concentration on breathing technique, can do wonders for your body!

Matsyaasana- the fish pose, this asana gives a good stretch to your neck, back and muscles in your upper torso. It cools your body down and is an energiser when you are feeling sluggish.

Baddha Konasana- the butterfly pose, one of the easiest and can be done by everyone from kids to adults even pregnant ladies. This pose offers stress relief and provides energy. Gives a good stretch to your thighs, hips and groin area.

Uttanasana-standing forward bend pose, this asana gives a good deep stretch to your hamstrings, calves and hips , since it requires a lot of balance and concentration it calms your mind and reduces fatigue.

Shavasan-the corpse pose, the king of asanas that cools your body, do it the right way and experience the benefits, calms the mind, relaxes each and every part of your body, thereby energising your mind and body.

Single nostril breathing : This technique isolates one nostril. For summer months the left nostril is targeted since it is the cooling channel of our body. So closing right nostril n breathing with left nostril helps you cool your core temperature.

Shitali pranayama: helps in cooling of your body. This technique is done by curling sides of your tongue towards one another and sticking your tongue out of your lips. Breathing in through your rolled tongue and breathing out through your nostrils.

Some of these exercises can be done at your home, office or even in your car whilst you are stuck in traffic.

Summer brings in sunshine and high vibrations, help yourself channelising these vibrations for the good of your health , mind and soul!

Let the sunshine fill up your soul and health!