Words of wisdom.

Monday, 29 March 2021


Many people say that yoga is “too easy, in fact, you don’t need a teacher, one can just sit at home and do all the asanas.”

True! There are so many TV programmes, books, websites, photo sharing sites that can introduce you to the different aspects of yoga. But that’s where it all ends.

Aspiring yogis start off on a daily yoga schedule and three weeks later, it’s back to sleeping late. After all, doing 60 Surya Namaskars even to the best of music is boring day in and day out!

And that’s where the yoga class comes in. When a few like minded people get together to further their yoga practice, it ceases to be an exercise regime and turns into a challenge.

If the person next to you is touching their toes and going even further by doing it standing on one leg, you are pushed into doing the same. Perhaps even more!

In the end, the group motivates you to reach out for the sky. Each class turns into a challenge. Soon you start to get better and better and finally you’re hooked! Simply because if you skip classes you lose your edge and your buddy has gone far ahead of you.

In the end, yoga is all about practice. Every pose is possible provided you go after it without giving up. For that to happen, you need a good guide, and people around to challenge and motivate you. It may just be the difference between standing on your head and doing a split while standing on your head!!

So go ahead and find yourself a good yoga class. There’s nothing like group therapy to help you reach for the sky!