Shape your way to freedom

Getting in shape takes a lot of focus and training. At Biorhythm we make the process healthier and target the belly, butt, and thigh area of the body with the use of many props. Our BBT workout focuses on strength training targeted at toning the abdomen and lower body in a balanced manner. Lose fat the right way and gain more strength as your muscles and core shapes-up. The workout also helps to increase spinal strength and flexibility.

  • Classes are fantastic and makes us go beyond ourselves and push ourselves. Extremely helpful and student friendly.
    - Jayanti Agarwal -
  • AntiGravity Yoga seems intimidating initially but ones you start practicing it regularly, it’s not as difficult as it seems. There’s a lot of stretching happening throughout the hour long class, especially when you hang upside down. It is a good form of workout to build flexibility and core and upper body strength. Post class you are left feeling energetic and not exhausted.
    - Reshma Upadhye -
  • My wife and I joined Biorhythm Yoga Studio at the age of 64 and 68 respectively. Since joining Biorhythm we have experienced a lot of improvement in our movements in our daily lifes. Also we feel verylight and destressed because of joining Biorhythm.
    - Mr. & Mrs. Kulkarni -